Sam Campbell’s Films

Listed below are the available films that Sam Campbell produced on DVD or Blu-ray disc. They have been professionally transferred to a digital image using the Lasergraphics “The Director” a motion picture film scanning system at 2K resolution.

Come to the North Country

Come to the North Country was Sam Campbell’s last film and the only one he narrated. Sam talks about his experience in the North Country and invites the viewer to come and visit the quiet natural places the north has to offer.

Land of the Voyageur

Land of the Voyageur was first shown in 1952. While Sam narrated these beautiful 16mm films for his audiences, no recordings were ever made. So, we’ve added narration, music and sound effects in order to bring these film to life. There’s footage from his island home as well as the Boundary Waters and Quetico. There is historic footage from 1951 of Fort Charlotte and surrounding area being pronounced as National Historical Site. You’ll also see rare footage of Sig Olson on a portage trail.

Sam Campbell Film Clips

This DVD contains “extra’s”, silent film clips that were not used in any of Sam’s other films.