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Letters from the Sanctuary

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In the 1890's, the decade in which Sam Campbell was born, the great American West was considered "closed"; there was nothing more to explore or to discover. A few early voices encouraged conserving, preserving, and cherishing the natural resources and beauty instead of exploiting it, lest it disappear forever. Sam Campbell was one of those early voices. He knew the value of the land, trees, and animals we share with the continent. Different from other early conversation voices, Sam used an invitational approach to encourage people to leave the nature deficient cities with their frenzied pace of life to come to the peace and tranquility of sylvan sanctuaries. From his summer home on an island he documented the peaceful life of his animal and human companions shared on film, in books and in lectures. This biography invites you to share the timeless ways of thinking and peace Sam experienced at his Sanctuary of Wegimind.

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